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Why Restaurants Should Have An APP?

Are you looking for different marketing ways to promote your restaurant business in this #Cashless & #Digital age? Then developing a mobile app for your business is the right tool for your business growth. Let us discuss it clearly. Most of the businesses have adopted mobile app for customer interaction and they have pushed their sales in a short span of time.

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NDA or A New Project?

On 18th January 2017 around 3 PM, I was sitting in a client’s meeting room to close the Web application deal on Laravel PHP. I was excited to close the deal as it is a very good company and the best prospect client for my sales funnel. In a ten minutes time, the CEO of the company came and we started the discussion about our company, work, and project portfolio etc.

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams

Most of my clients ask us which offshore model they should choose. While outsourcing an IT project. There are different and flexible business models are available for an offshore IT project, But “Hiring a dedicated developer/team” is one of the beneficial model for the clients when there is a long term collaboration and large volume of work is expected. The full time in-house development team work as a dedicated development team for the client and can develop anything from a website to a mobile app development. With an undivided attention the team works on your project to meet the assigned objectives. Dedicated team model works for clients who are willing to invest in gradual and continuous development of a quality product. Irrespective of your requirement for full time or few hours of work every day, you have advantages while hiring a dedicated team.

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Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?


Most of our clients ask us whether they need a mobile app for their business or not. If I ask them why they have asked this question, then I receive series of similar responses such as “I think my business does not need a mobile app”, “My Target audiences are different”, “My Budget is low”, “Mine is a small business” and so on. I have been responding to my clients and convincing them why they need a mobile app for their business. Those who were convinced and developed a mobile app for their business are reaping benifits now. So, I thought let me write a post for our other clients, so that it might help them as well.

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Why the name is “Summation IT”?

“Summation IT” represents the “Sum of Information Technology”. The Auto sum (∑)of our skills and services in an excel sheet. Mathematically, ∑IT= ∑ (Product Engineering+ Data Engineering+ Test Engineering).

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