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Common Vulnerabilities in Web Applications:

Security in a website is the most important factor needs to be taken care of if considered. Are your website and user data safe and secure? Do you have enough security over your website’s database that prevents attackers to fill in junk info, modify or delete info? Is it possible for an attacker to gain access to restricted resources on your web server by any means? Sometimes, it happens that users can be tricked to collect important information on behalf of a different site by presenting them a fake site of the exact similar interface.

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Android Marshmallow runtime permissions

Starting with Android 6.0 (Android Marshmallow, API level 23), application will not be granted any permission during installation time. If your application targeting API level 23, has to ask user for a required permission at runtime.


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SignalR – Why, What and How?

An increasing number of software out there namely websites and web applications today offer or need to offer real-time data, they want to have up-to-date data delivered to any device and to any application over any network and any connection. Whether an application is based on a browser and a website or a web application, or whether that's just a WPF or Silverlight, or a Windows store application, it doesn't matter a lot. An increasing number of collaborative apps and collaboration solutions running in the web browser but also running on mobile devices as well. So to cater these needs a robust framework is needed.

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Indexing in SQL Server

In this article we are going to dive deep into clustering index and non-clustered index. But before that we need to have an informal introduction of indexing in database and it’s usage for non-database guys.


So the question is What is index in database? Why do we need indexing in database? Let us learn with some scenario along with an analogy. The analogy is the index of a book.


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