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Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is Microsoft’s latest approach towards GUI framework. Main motive of WPF is to give the rich look to user interface and with lot more ease for the developers. WPF aims to bring number of common user interface elements, such as 2D/3D rendering, fixed and adaptive documents, typography, vector graphics, runtime animation, and pre-rendered media at one place.

WPF application is rendered using Direct3D which allows the display of more complex graphics and custom themes, at the cost of GDI's wider range of support and uniform control theming.

Our WPF developers have rich experience in WPF development. WPF development is one of our key skills and core expertise. WPF developers have rich experience of 8+ years. Our model has helped Global clients to meet their WPF needs.

WPF Development Services Offered by us are

SummationIT has executed many applications on WPF. We have dedicated and experienced team of WPF development at our development center. You can gain competitive edge working with our WPF developers.

WPF with MVVM (model-view-view model) pattern makes the application much more effective and efficient manner. By this pattern application’s view and model are separated which in turn helps to have different views and in different states without effecting others. WPF 's solid databinding features also play a major role in separation of concerns.

    Some of our WPF Services offered are as mentioned below:-

  • Incorporate of UI Media, Documents.
  • Chat Services.
  • MVVM (Model-View-View model).
  • Deployment of WPF services.
  • Custom Control Development.

Features of WPF Development

As world has taken a huge and successful step towards markup languages, WPF has also introduced extensible Application Markup Language (Xaml) based on XML. The introduction of XAML allows application designers to more effectively contribute to the application development cycle.

Windows presentation foundation has robust features which helps the WPF and .Net developers to develop an application at a rapid pace. Some of the features of WPF development are mentioned as below.

  • It's newer and thereby more in tune with current standards. And Microsoft is using it for lot more new applications.
  • XAML makes it easy to create and edit your GUI, and allows the work to be split between a designer (XAML) and a programmer (C#, VB.NET etc.)
  • Databinding, which allows you to get a more clean separation of data and layout
  • Uses hardware acceleration for drawing the GUI, for better performance
  • It allows to make user interfaces for both Windows applications and web applications (Silverlight/XBAP)
  • 2D and 3D graphics support.
  • Scalability
  • Interactive
  • Best Databinding Capability
  • Superior content readability.
  • MVVM for a greater testability and Maintenance

Technical Competence in WPF development

SummationIT provides expert WPF development services. We have delivered multiple projects on WPF and .net development since our inception. SummationIT believes in delivering excellence to our customers. We are known for our skill set, experience, reliability, transparency and more over meeting customer expectations. Our WPF developers have worked on various applications. Our WPF developers have a good understanding of the technology.

    Some of our technical expertise with WPF development are as mentioned below:

  • Micsrosoft.Net
  • C#
  • MVVM
  • Unit Testing

WPF Development with SummationIT and get

WPF Development to SummationIT where you can avail WPF development experts. WPF have an edge over other GUI technologies as it have following features like Declarative UI with XAML, multimedia Support, skinning support, 3D Programming, animations and timelines, resolution independent, vector based rendering and hardware accelerated using Direct 3D.
We have proven track record of delivering excellent service to our clientèle. Below are the few mentioned

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  • Expertise of 10+ years in Web Development.
  • Dedicated Team for WPF Development.
  • Flexible Customer Engagement Models.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Flexible Team communication
  • Adherence to strict Coding Guidelines and Standards.
  • Transparency, Ethics and Reliability.
  • Complete Documentation.
  • Different Business models.
  • Multiple payment options.

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