Pricing Models

We understand the importance of budget and the business idea related to it. We know that pricing plays a vital role for the development of your product or service. We have done lot of projects with startups, small and medium enterprise customers because of our technical expertise and flexible pricing models. Our motto is to deliver excellent service to our clients at low cost, so that no client should go dissatisfied from our end.

We have designed our pricing models very transparently. We have different pricing models in our kitty so that you can choose one of them based on your project need and budget. We suggest you the pricing models after the complete evaluation of your project specifications and budget. We have designed these pricing models as per the Industry standards.

Please go through the below mentioned pricing models to find out more.

    Fixed price - We do projects on fixed cost basis after the complete evaluation of the project specifications. After discussing with you on the project requirements, we design and develop a process for you to estimate the time frame for the project. Based on your business need such as technology platform, no. of developers, testers we send you a Fixed Cost proposal. You discuss with the scope of the work, clarify your needs and details. Sign an agreement (NDA).
  • Charges: Fixed Cost.
  • 8 hours a day & 22 days a month
  • Total: 176 working hours/Month
  • Billing: Monthly

    Time & Materials - Full Time Hiring: We charge you for the time spent by project managers and developers to complete your project. Depending upon the deliverables we sign an agreement with you with time and cost estimation. We charge you per hour basis.
  • 8 hours a day & 22 days a month
  • Total: 176 working Hours/Month
  • Billing: Bi-Monthly

    Part Time Hiring - Hire web developers or mobile developers for part time as per your project requirement. We charge you per hour basis.
  • 4 hours a day & 22 days a month.
  • Total: 88 working Hours/Month
  • Minimum Period of Hiring: 2 Months.
  • Billing: Bi-Monthly.

    Long Term Collaboration - This business model is for the clients or projects which will take more than six months to complete. In this model a dedicated team of developers, testers, Team lead and project manager works for the client and reports directly to the client. Upon deciding the time lines and needs we sign an agreement with the client.
  • 8 Hours a day & 22 days per month
  • Total: 176 working hours/per month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 6 months
  • Billing: Bi-Monthly.
  • The difference between a fixed price model and Long term collaboration model are Cost as per the project requirement and minimum billing period.

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