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Competitive Analysis, Importance and Benefits of PHP in Web Development - 2.0

PHP, it has plethora of benefits. The important feature of PHP is that it is an Open source i.e. there is no need to purchase a license. It is feature-rich and have basketfull of functionalities that a paid scripting language would offer. Excluding the open source feature there are some other additional benefits which attracts people towards it.


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Competitive Analysis, Importance and Benefits of PHP in Web Development

Web is the main source of absorbing content from time off websites to business websites and everything in between. Currently, Dynamic websites have taken over static websites with the usage of flash and other tools.With the development of Internet technologies, the use of online business portals have increased numerously. You name it and there is a website hosted for it. We find everything online.

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Your Technical Outsourcing Partner to Web Development

Outsourcing your projects can really make you happy or can give you a real big headache. Sometimes language barriers, time zones and communication can be a set of difficult issues to deal with. A well thought out plan can help you to overcome these Challenges and deliver great results.

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5 Things to look for before hiring a PHP Web Development Company

These Points will really help you to select a professional PHP web development company or PHP programmer for your project. Hire a reliable, trustworthy and expert PHP Programmer or PHP Web development Company to implement your dream into reality.

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Why the name is “Summation IT”?

“Summation IT” represents the “Sum of Information Technology”. The Auto sum (∑)of our skills and services in an excel sheet. Mathematically, ∑IT= ∑ (Product Engineering+ Data Engineering+ Test Engineering).

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