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Grunt Framework

Grunt FrameworkGrunt is a JavaScript based Task Runner. The main use of grunt is automation, an example: build automation. Grunt uses the available plugins to automate the task. These plugins can be installed and managed by using Node Package Manager (npm). You need to have npm installed globally in the machine.


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GULP !!!

Gulp is a Java Script based task runner build tool, which can automate the common task while building an application.  There are many tools available in the market which do the same work such as Grunt, Broccoli etc. Gulp is preferred a bit because of its faster performance using the stream line.


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Native, Web or Hybrid App -Which App should opt for your business?

Native, Web or Hybrid App -Which App should opt for your business?Many companies/institutions taking their initial steps to develop a mobile program are facing an important decision that will influence the outcome of this initiative. The process of selecting a development approach for a mobile application, namely native, web and hybrid, entails many parameters, such as development cost, project timeframe, and targeting specific group of people and app functionality. Each approach carries inherent benefits and limitations, and finding the one that best addresses the organization’s needs could be a challenging task.

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Non-clustered index in SQL Server

Native, Web or Hybrid App -Which App should opt for your business?

In previous article we had discussed internals of clustered indexing.  Here we are going to discussed non clustered indexing in details and we will use the same example table as shown below.



StudentID int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,

FirstName char(50) NOT NULL,

LastName char(50) NOT NULL,

SSN char(11) NOT NULL


Above table may be a clustered table or may not be a clustered table. It’s not mandatory for a table to be clustered one to create a non-clustered index on it.  We want to create a non-clustered index “IX_Student_SSN” on SSN column of Student table as shown below


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