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AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript web application framework that uses HTML as a template language to populate data within a web page. It uses the code templates and specific commands to perform special features such as filtering, data binding within HTML page. The framework automatically synchronizes the data between the model and the view by the use of special commands that queries into the model object. AngularJS is basically designed for one-page web applications.

The Angular's data binding and dependency injection features eliminates much of the code that needs to be written. The AngularJS facilitates the developers to write client side application in an MVC (Model View Controller) manner. AngularJS applications are cross browser compliant, the framework itself handles the JavaScript code suitable for different browsers.

At Summation IT, We have developed various scalable applications with no. of features, which cater to the complex business needs of different verticals of Industry. Our AngularJS developers are experienced with different tools and advanced technologies to render the best output for our clients. Our Angular JS team is experienced, capable and can understand your business needs very well. Our dynamic in-house talent pool of angular JS will help you to create a responsive single page application with quick time to market.

Features of AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a powerful client side development technology from Google. It helps to build dynamic views in web application. AngularJS is a booster for HTML. AngularJS yields much more advantage when it is used for Front end development and Single page applications. The Features of AngularJS has made the developers to develop the best output.

    Benefits of AngularJS
  • Open Source Application. (Zero Licensing Fee).
  • MVC Model.
  • Two Way Binding.
  • Less Complexity.
  • Templates.
  • Directives & Testing.
  • Improved Design Architecture.
  • Promotes Code Re-Usability.
  • Best Plug and Play components.
  • Faster Application Development.
  • Single-Page Applications.
  • Modular development.
  • Dependency Injection.
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Technical Expertise in AngularJS Development

Our in-house tech obsessed developers have more than 10+ years of experience in web development. We understand well about the changing pace of technology and adapt accordingly. Our AngularJS developers are experienced and always ready to deliver excellent service with quick turnaround time. Our AngularJS developers are well versed with the latest versions of AngularJS. The skillset of our AngularJS developers which has made them to deliver successful projects to our global clientele are as follows:

  • HTML & CSS.
  • Bootstrap, AJAX, JQuery
  • SVN, GIT, BitBucket.
  • Jira, Basecamp.
  • Gulp.
  • Angular CLI.
  • Webpak.
  • technical expertise in angularJS development

AngularJS Development Services:

Our proficient AngularJS programmers understand the clients need and provide the appropriate solution. The proposed solution meets client's requirement and budget. The experience and the expertise of our AngularJS developers has helped us to deliver quality AngularJS development solutions with professional approach. Some of our AngularJS Development solutions and services include as follows:

  • Custom AngularJS Application development.
  • Dynamic Web Application Development.
  • AngularJS consulting.
  • Portal Development Solutions.
  • Social & Interactive Apps.
  • E-Shops/ E-commerce Web Development.
  • AngularJS application support and maintenance.

Hire Angular JS developers from us

We provide all kinds of AngularJS Services. Hire AngularJS programmers from us who are experienced and have delivered successful projects to our Global clientele. Our AngularJS developers are known for their technical skillset, On-time delivery, and professional approach. Our adept AngularJS developers are acquainted with all the features of the framework. Our dedicated AngularJS developers are proficient in delivering excellent user interfaces. Below are some of the reasons mentioning Why to hire our AngularJS developers?

  • We Follow Agile Methodlogies
  • Experienced Angular JS developers
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured (Strict NDA Guidelines).
  • Quick Time to Market.
  • Angular JS enterprise app developers.
  • Angular JS web app developers.
  • Angular JS QA & Testing.

Angular JS Development with Summation IT and get

AngularJS Development to Summation IT and stay relaxed. We provide AngularJS development as our one of the services in web development. Our AngularJS developers are proficient in development projects. We have proven track record of delivering excellent service to our clientele. Below are the few mentioned benefits you will get when you work with the expert partner Summation IT.

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  • Expertise of 10+ years in Web Development.
  • Dedicated Team for AngularJS Development Projects.
  • Flexible Customer Engagement Models.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Flexible Team communication.
  • Adherence to strict Coding Guidelines and Standards.
  • Transparency, Ethics and Reliability.
  • Complete Documentation.
  • Different Business models.
  • Multiple payment options.

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